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A Space to create, to relax, enjoy and above all eat delicious food.

About Keke

I'm Keke*

*And I don't take myself too seriously, can you tell?

The day before my wedding, back in 1994, my mother organized a Kitchen Party. A kitchen party is, it is a get together of the bride’s female relationships.

future in-laws, close family friends and the bride’s own close friends.

Each guest coming to the kitchen party brings a gift for the bride for her kitchen. The original reason for this was to bring a gift for the bride that would help make her a better wife.

And that’s where I received from my granny her cookbook with amazing original authentic recipes, like the apfelstrudel, and...


...Reading that cookbook gave me the drive to try all her recipes.

I became passionate, started to cook, added to my creativity, my intuition and soul and here i am talking to you and would be honoured to transmit to you my passion for cooking.

I was born in beautiful Antwerp, Belgium, am totally imbued with other cultures, my roots have a great impact on my food.

Always looking for local products and try to use them in their totality, i also got my inspiration through my many travels, my food is therefore colourful and fun, an association of interesting flavours and tastes.

Gathering together in my atelier, sharing our life experiences, exchanging inspiring thoughts, getting to know each other’s cultures and values while cooking…

I welcome you to my Kekelicious Atelier!

At Kekelicious

At Kekelicious

This is the concept of the atelier, cook, eat and enjoy! 

Welcome to my Kekelicious Atelier…in this space we cook together during the workshops.The Atelier is provided with all the amenities of a professional kitchen.


You’ll be able to immerse yourself into the likes of a “real chef” and have a great experience.
With my staff and myself we provide all the  aprons,appliances, ingredients and guidance so no need to be an experienced cook to participate. Just come and explore your hidden talents or come to improve your cooking skills.
We also use this Atelier to cook for your caterings and private dinings.

Private Dining

Our Options

The Options

Join our workshops or create your own..

A place to eat in a beautiful atmosphere….cosy and private, full of good vibes.
With my staff, we cook a delicious 6 course meal for you. Service is provided too.
You’ll have the intimacy of having the place for yourself (minimum 8 people, maximum 20 people).
The perfect location to celebrate a birthday, a business lunch or dinner, or just a cosy lunch or dinner with friends and/or family.

The minute you enter, you’ll feel at home and won’t want to leave but only come back for more


Create your own group experience

A work event?  A birthday?

A preference or allergy? It's all possible


Private Dining or Catering

Skip the cooking and go straight to eating, in the comfort of your home or with your group at the Atelier.

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